BPRS Adoption Information

Please read the information below entirely. Failure to do so will result in delayed application processing 
Adopt Collage

Requirements to Adopt from BPRS

  2. LIVE IN DC/MARYLAND/VIRGINIA . Exceptions may be made for senior and special needs dogs. NO other exceptions will be made.
  3. E nsure all pets, including cats, are up to date on vaccinations (minimum of rabies and distemper/parvo) spay/neutered, have current heartworm test and are on heartworm prevention, no exceptions.
  4. Demonstrate responsible pet ownership
  5. Demonstrate financial stability and the ability to provide for any and all expenses for a dog
  6. For renters, must have the approval of landlord in writing to adopt a Pitbull
  7. For homeowners, must provide proof of homeownership
  8. Check that your renter’s/homeowner’s insurance does not have breed restrictions (some will cancel your policy if you adopt from their banned breed list)
  9. Pass background and pet abuse check. This is strictly to ensure the safety of our volunteers and dogs.
  10. Pass two personal reference calls with non-family members. This is a chance for us to hear more about your lifestyle from some of your friends and neighbors so we get a well-rounded view of how a new dog may fit into your life!
  11. Pass a personal interview with a BPRS volunteer. This is a chance for us to get to know you and help us match you with the perfect dog!
  12. Pass a home visit to ensure your home is ready and safe for a new dog.

We understand this may sound like a lot just to adopt a dog. Please know we do this to ensure that every dog goes to the best home and all adopters are well educated on how to introduce a new dog into their daily routine!

Adoption Policies

  • We do not adopt on a first come first serve basis. Instead, we will match the dog with an approved adopter who can provide the best home based on his/her temperament and needs.
  • All information provided remains strictly confidential
  • Bully breeds become deeply attached and devoted to their families. Our animals are adopted as inside family pets only .  If you feel you may not truly enjoy having a dog's constant companionship, enjoy having him/her sleep in your bedroom at night and share your activities by day, then you may be happier with a breed less oriented to human companionship.
  • Much like toddlers, puppies cannot go all day long in a crate and need to be let out often to receive physical exercise and mental stimulation. So as a general rule, preference is given to homes where they will have multiple breaks during the day. Homes, where puppies are crated 6+ hours Monday-Friday without breaks, are not acceptable.
  • You can meet our adoptable dogs at our adoption events which are listed on our Facebook page and website. Please check our events calendar for dates and times. If you wish to meet a dog by appointment we require, for the safety of our volunteers, that you submit an adoption application first so we can perform basic background checks. We will then be in contact with you to set up the appointment.
  • Microchips will remain registered to BPRS with the adopter's name being added as a 2nd contact.
  • Although a fence is not required to adopt from BPRS, it is recommended to ensure adequate exercise. E-Fencing is NOT allowed.
  • Must be willing to drive to Fredericksburg VA for a meet and greet with foster and dog. This is to ensure that it is a good fit for both your family and the foster dog. 

Post Adoption Requirements

  • Puppies 0-12 months are required to attend Daycare at least once a week, for socialization purposes, for at least 6 months after the date of adoption.
  • Every dog must be enrolled in positive reinforcement Obedience Training courses within 30 days after final adoption. BPRS does not condone fear-based training, prong collar training, or E-collar training.
  • The adopter must agree to stay in close contact with BPRS for the next 180 days after adoption to make sure that the adopted dog is adjusting well. This includes additional home visits if we deem necessary to help with adjustment issues. We want to make sure that the adoption is a success for both the adopter and dog!
  • If you are unable to keep your adopted dog for any reason he/she MUST be returned to BPRS.

Adoption Fees

  • $350 for puppies 0 months to 12 months
  • $200 for dogs age 13 months to 7 years
  • $150 for senior (age of 8 and up) or special needs dogs but may have a reduced or waived adoption fee based on circumstances

We are a Not for Profit organization. Every cent of the adoption fee goes to help the dogs, especially medical expenses.

All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and on heartworm/flea and tick preventatives.